Dark is the NEW HIGH VIZ.

ArroWhere Dark is an exciting new line of products offered by ArroWhere Equipment. AVAILABLE NOW ArroWhere Dark offers a retroreflective opportunity without the need or focus on high visibility colors or silver retroreflective material. 



What's so great about ArroWhere Dark?

ArroWhere Dark is an unique spin on the concept of ArroWhere's Light products. In essence, we took the well-received ArroWhere concept and blacked it out for a more inconspicuous look. You still get industry-leading retroreflective ArroWhere designs that are constructed with leading 3M based color-reflective material, but now you do not have to stand out in yellow to get similar results. 

I thought most color-reflective materials were weak and ineffective. How is ArroWhere Dark's color-infused retroreflective material any better?

The industry-leading color-infused retroreflective material ArroWhere Dark uses is constructed from the same 3M material that is used on ArroWhere's Light products. The candlepower rating for the standard 3M material is ~600 candlepower. To put this into perspective, a license plate is rated at ~50 candlepower, whereas a construction vest might be only ~220 candlepower. While some of the effect is lost due to the color-infusion, the color-infused retroreflective material ArroWhere Dark uses is still rated at 2x industry standards (~400 candlepower or more), which is still 2 or more times stronger than other color-infused retroreflective materials that are rated between 50 and 220 candlepower. This allows ArroWhere Dark to retain many of the same qualities ArroWhere Light products have without the silver.

Why was ArroWhere Dark created?

ArroWhere Dark was initially created for those who choose not to wear high-viz colors, but still want to be visible day and night. Not everyone wants to be conspicuous. 

What colors are offered in ArroWhere Dark?

While we have an array of color schemes arranged for ArroWhere Dark in the coming months, it will first be offered in black. 

What products will ArroWhere Dark offer?

Coming this Fall, 2016, ArroWhere will offer Dark versions of its waterproof jacket, windproof vest, windproof shell, and waterproof backpack cover.

When and where can I get some ArroWhere Dark? 

The official line is set to be released this September, 2016 at the Interbike Show in Las Vegas. 

Available through our e-commerce site and other fine retailers and websites.

How much?

Apart from the ArroWhere Dark Waterproof Jacket, ArroWhere Dark products will be priced the same as the Light products.